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This is the official website for the leading High-Speed Wireless Broadband Internet provider. With over 20 years of experience in providing the best available internet connection, we have gained the trust of over 200,000 active customers.

wireless BroadBand

Get free installation for your new wireless broadband connection within 24 hours.

Cable Tv

Subscribe to your favorite TV channels and customize your experience while paying for only what you choose.

Cable BroadBand

We provide a direct high-speed FiberNET connection to your LAN and WiFi router.

Welcome Dial up Internet

Rebeltec Will No Longer Be Offering Dial-Up Internet Service.
We want to thank all our loyal customers who have chosen our service throughout the years so we could offer more services and provide better coverage to more communities.

Web Design & Hosting

We provide the best internet connection for residential and business clients. We create a secure and high-speed network for our clients so they can manage their tasks online without any problem. We ensure high security while we also request our customers to keep their username and password secure at all times.

Basic Standard Wireless Service

Select from our high-speed internet plans and receive easy payment options along with free installations at your home and office.

Requirements for Service

Please make sure that you have these documents ready at the time of installation to register your account with our agent.

Broadband Setup/Install $99

Set up a broadband connection for your office in three easy steps. Pick the best plans to build a high-speed network, and our agent will contact you.

Equipment & Coverage Area

We use the best available equipment and cables available in the market today to provide the highest standard network service.

I am pleased with the internet connection that I receive at my home. The speed and uninterrupted network ensure that I can work without worrying about disconnections.
Clarence A Johnson

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